I was finally enticed into selling my beloved Blue 1999 Yamaha R1 and commuted for a couple of years on a trick Silver/Blue 2005 R1 instead. Lovely, until some low life scum stole it.

I replaced it with a Grey 2007 R1 and briefly commuted on that but the need to tweak it took me and now it's rather nice and stays mostly tucked up in my garage, coming out for special rides.

So what to commute on that the scum would be less interested in but still interesting to ride? I tried a Honda VTR1000 Firestorm for a while but didn't really get into it and sold that to a mate. I replaced this with a Green Kawasaki ZX9R 2004, which did a great job of the task but eventually I got rid of it to try something completely different, which turned out to be a new Yamaha MT09 (Sport Tracker in this case).
I used to have a GAS GAS SM450, that's a Motocross bike with road tyres on and a bloody big front brake, also known as a supermotard. This MT09 reminds me very much of the motard but much more civilized, and it's fantastic through traffic.

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