I used to have a Japanese Spec. WRX 4 door my98 Subaru Impreza which had over 300 BHP, AP brakes, Leda suspension etc. I owned it from new but after 18 years I finally sold it. It was a sad day watching it drive away. I now pootle around in a Golf R mk VII which is much more comfortable but not quite the event to drive.

Gallery 1 - Subaru Track Day >>

Gallery 2 - Subaru Other >>

Other useful links for Subaru enthusiasts are:

SIDC the home page for the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club.

IWOC the home page of the Impreza Web Owners Club site.

So where to get go faster advice/bits? Try the following:

Lateral Performance - very knowledgeable outfit with good prices, email them.

Scooby Mania - lots of toys here.

Scoobysport - one of the few original places to get go faster bits, although now under new management.

Also for those interested there are two BBS' you should checkout:

bbs.22b.com and bbs.scoobynet.co.uk

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