DVDs & Hi-Fi / Home Theatre

In addition to owning a modest collection of DVD's and BluRays (>1000) I had the dilemma that most people face of how to get Hi-Fi out of a surround sound (Home Theatre) setup. This is often commented as being a mutually exclusive task in that surround sound systems rarely get close to relatively modest dedicated hi-fi when it comes to sound quality in stereo. Whilst this is true to a large extent it is also true that surround amps are getting much better at stereo. My personal system, I think, does a pretty good stab at achieving this nirvana of Hi-Fi in both camps but it didn't come cheap.

I rate Linn Hi-Fi quite highly and have duplicated some early reference material with permission and then subsequently added to it, see here Linn Hi-Fi.

There is also a specific page for the reference Linn LP12 turntable, LP12 FAQ.

And if you were wondering how much Linn kit costs then here are some pricelists overtime Linn Pricelists.

A great site for DVD/BluRay reviews is www.michaeldvd.com.au. This is, as you can see, an Australian site but since they use PAL like we do in the UK then they often get a version of the R2 release as their R4. It's a very useful site to compare R1 & R2/4 DVD releases. Alternatively here are some other review sites who are worth a look www.dvdbeaver.com, www.dvdreview.com and dvdcompare.net

If you just want to look up a film then I suggest you try www.imdb.com

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