This page will have all the miscellaneous bits of information and links that I can't really put anywhere else.


Here is a useful page of helpful info regarding Linn Hi-Fi components. The data was originally ripped from Daniel's original, with his permission, and then significantly added to.

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Humour or other interesting sites

I'm sure someone at my office is submitting ideas to Scott

Other top funnies sites being: (well I think they're funny and that's all that counts here ;-)

The following aren't really supposed to be humorous but I can't help but laugh, maybe it's just me? All on a religious theme oddly enough. - the inside scoop on religions - be careful taking written text literally - checkout your favourite movie and see if it is acceptable.


Oh yes. Be careful out there. We once got stitched on a con regarding a rented ski chalet and the deposit. The con was regarding the cleanliness we left it in to which they held back our deposit. Considering that the landlord had come around mid week and commented on how clean we were keeping it and that we did spend sometime cleaning before leaving we thought the bullshit they came out with was a bit rich (the fridge was in a better condition than when we arrived! and the dishwasher was full of clean dishes like when we arrived!). Here's a couple of pictures of our bill. 

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